Bioreactor System

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Bioreactor System

A bioreactor may refer to any system or manufactured engineered device that helps to supports a biologically active environment.

Bioreactor System

A high end bioreactor system usually consists of following part:

Agitator: Agitator is used for the mixing of different contents of the reactor which keeps the “cells” in the perfect homogenous condition for better transport of nutrients and oxygen to the desired product(s).

Baffle: Baffle is used to break the formation of vortex in the vessel, which is normally highly undesirable as it changes the center of gravity of the system and usually consumes more power.

Sparger: In any aerobic cultivation process, the usage of the sparger is to supply sufficient oxygen to the growing cells.

Jacket: The jacket provides the annular area for circulation of constant temperature of H2O which keeps the temperature of the bioreactor at a fixed value.

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