Fractional Distillation Unit

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Fractional Distillation Unit

We are engaged in offering a high quality range of Fractional Distillation Unit to our clients. This product is highly acknowledged and demanded due to its special qualities like resistance against tear, abrasion, high thermal and chemical stability. The offered product is tested on various quality parameters in adverse condition to ensure its reliability and durability. We are providing this Fractional Distillation Unit to our client’s at most reasonable price.

Main features:

  • Long shelf life
  • Easy and less maintenance
  • Cost effective production

This is essentially a compact batch-type fractional distillation unit in which the reboiler consists of a vessel mounted in a heating bath and with a packed column above. The vapours from top is condensed and can be refluxed as per requirement.

The top product is sub-cooled and collected in receivers.The bottom product is finally drained from the reboiler through a drain valve.The units are available in vessel sizes of 20,50,100 & 200L, and 300Ltr. is suitable for operation under atmospheric pressure and full vaccum.

Fractional Distillation Unit


Reactor Capacity Bath KW Addition Vessel Vapour Line Condenser HTA M2 Cooler HTA M2 Receiver Size Cat. Ref.
10L 2 2 L 50 DN 0.2 0.1 2L,2L SFDU 10
20L 4 2 L 80 DN 0.35 0.1 2L,5L SFDU 20
50L 4.5 5 L 100 DN 0.5 0.2 5L,10L SFDU 50
100L 6 10 L 150 DN 1.5 0.35 100L,20L SFDU 100
200L 9 20 L 150 DN 1.5 0.35 100L,20L SFDU 200
300L 10.5 20 L 225 DN 2.5 0.5 20L,20L SFDU 300


These units are available in cylindrical vessel also.

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