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Gold Refining Plant

We have cemented our presence among the successful Manufacturers and Suppliers of Gold Refining Systems. The Gold Refining Systems offered by us are manufactured in compliance with international quality standards. Our Refining Systems are designed to yield 99.95% pure gold.  Bulk orders of the Systems are processed by us as per the specific requirements of the buyers.

Automatic Gold Refining Plant


Introduction to gold Refining

We believes that mastery over jewellery craftsmanship is incomplete, without your total control over the caratage of your gold.

Our complete in-house gold refining systems, provide you full control over this primary and crucial process. Infact, it is the first step to the perfection of your glittering end products.

Semi Automatic Gold Refining Plant


Gold refining systems are ideal for old gold jewellery buyers, bullion suppliers, gold smithies, jewellery casting and chain manufacturing factories, job-work refineries etc., as they come in various capacities, to suit small or larger refining needs of the jewellery trade.

Series of gold refining systems are among the most advanced in-house refining systems available,with special features not found in other gold refiners. Jewellers worldwide and in India, have understood the many advantages of in-house refining and are appreciating the profits, by savings, otherwise not achieved due to low yields and/ or purity, idle storage of refinable gold, high refining charges, etc.

Semi Automatic Gold Refining Plant


Four simple steps to get pure Gold

Dissolution: Acids react with gold, silver, copper and other alloy constituents to form gold chloride solution, silver chloride precipitate and copper nitrate solution.

Filteration: Silver chloride precipitate and insoluble matter is separated from solution containing dissolved gold and copper.

Reduction: Gold reagent, added to solution, reduces gold chloride to pure gold oxide precipitate.

Washing: Gold oxide is removed from the remaining solution containing dissolved copper, is chemically washed and dried. You can now melt the gold powder and re-use as required.

Process Advantages

The simplest, most versatile refining process.

Yields virtually 100% of your gold. Purity upto 99.95% can be achieved.

Electrolytic refining process disadvantages, such as inconsistent yields and purity, very slow refining speed, only part recovery per batch, only refines carat gold, very expensive inputs per gram of refining etc., do not arise here.

Absolutely no silver addition necessary.

Silver and copper in your gold alloy, recoverable.

Low consumption of HCl and HNO3 acids.

Refines carat gold, e.g. old gold jewellery, gold scrap, lemels, rolling strips, granules, facetting dust, lead contamination, etc.

Recovers from low grade gold wastes, eg. floor sweeps, buffing rouge powder, filings, grindings, polishing, wash slurry, crucible powder, etc.


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