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Kilo Lab Equipment

The kilo-lab system is essentially designed to minimize the gap in capacity between laboratory and pilot plant and assembled in smaller volume high-value-added products. This equipment is designed to serve to the per-clinical requirements and needs of the pharmaceutical application.

Kilo Lab Equipment

Glass Reactors Kilolab is multi-purpose pilot plant units having pliability of utility. Glass Reactor/distillation unit has been standardized by embodying all fundamental & intrinsic features such as heating, stirring, condensation, fractionation, cooling, etc. for multi-purpose use. Therefore, though termed Kilolab from a constructional view point they in fact, serve as Flexi Units.

Key Features:

Glass lined: Anchor, pitch blade turbine curved blade turbine

PTFE lined: Anchor, PBT, paddle- multistage & interchangeable impellers also available

Glass: Anchor, turbine, suction agitators

Seal: Suitable MOC

Motor: Ex-proof, speed control by VFD or mechanical variator, suitable gear box

Other: Complete SS construction (option), SS hood for motor, gearbox, housing (standard)

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