Multi Purpose Distillation Unit

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Multi Purpose Distillation Unit

Multi purpose distillation unit can be used for separation of azeotropic mixture using distillation methods such as Extractive distillation, Heterogeneous azeotropic distillation, Distillation using ionic salts, Pressure-swing distillation, Reactive distillation and many other processes.

Multi Purpose Distillation Unit



  • Compact multi purpose process pilot plant for R & D. Pharma, Fine chemicals.
  • Heating and Cooling system for Reactors.Max temp.200c.-
  • Design for Distillation,Reaction,Absorption,Rectification.Extraction.
  • Glass equipment’s Column available from 15mm to 450mm.
  • Heat treatment anealed  glass components.
  • Heat Exchanger,Coil type,All Glass Tube Heat Exchanger.
  • PTFE Agitator stirred assembly with magnetic coupling design according to your application..
  • Explosion Proof 3 Phase Geared Motor with speed control Variable Frequency Drive.
  • Unit working under high vacuum 1m bar.
  • Available 2Ltr to 100ltr.
  • Supporting Frame available in SS 304/316 with tubes and coupling, Nut bolts.
  • Maximum working Temperature 200c.

Multi Purpose Distillation Unit (2)


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