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Name: Ranvirsinh.J.Karakasia

Designation: Technical Director

Experience: 30 years of experience in glass pilot plants and process plants.

Worked with Garg Scientific 1975-1987 at Goregaon Mumbai. Production, Process Plant for Pharma, Chemicals, Pesticides, Bulk drug, Design, fabrication, erection & installation. Glass plants in various field.

Started own trading from 1987 to 1990. In Vapi G.I.D.C. worked with UCB Pharma, Atul ltd, United Phosphorous Limited, Themis group, Mitsu industries.

Started Manufacturing in a year 1990.

Research and Developed Complete System:

  • Aqua regia Gold refining plant.
  • Bromine Recovery system.
  • Dry HCL Gas generator.
  • Pressure reactor up to 3kg psi.
  • Jacketed Glass Reactor.
  • Essential oil Extraction from flower jasmine, Lemon grass.
  • R & D Kilo-Lab.
  • Glass Ventury vacuum system.
  • Quartz glass sintered tube Joining temperature up to 1600c, For Sterlite technology Limited. Aurangabad.

Name: Harshavardhan.V.Churi

Qualification: BE (Mechanical), DEE

Designation: Technical Consultant

Experience: 30 years of experience in setting up of chemical plants.

1974-1980 Albright, Morarji & Pandit Ltd .as Maintence Engineer of phosphoric acid and sodium tripolyphosphate plant.

Implemented and commissioned 150 MTD sulphuric acid and oleum project.

1980-1984 Gopal Anand Rasayan as Plant Manager for sulphuric acid plant. Project implemented and commissioned in 1981.

1984-1990 Rama Industrial Chemical Pvt. Ltd .as Plant Manager for sulphuric acid, oleum, liquid So3 and Chloro Sulphonic acid. New plant of 180 MTD implemented and commissioned in 1990. During this period modified old plants and produced maximum liquid Sulphur tri-oxide which is record for similar capacity plant sulphuric acid plant.

Left the job in 1990 and started working as freelancer consultant. Till today following projects and jobs are done.

Design, Erected and Commissioning of 300 MTD sulphuric acid, oleum 25%, oleum65%, Sulphur tri-oxide and Chloro sulphuric acid plant for M/S Aarti Industries. This plant main equipments designed for 550MTD. Owner had plan to expand within two to three year.This plant is running on 550 MTD t/d.

Erecting and commissioning of Mono Chloro benzene plant, Nitro Chloro benzene plant. Distillation of PNCB & ONCB plant. Above jobs done for Aarti Industries.

Design and commissioning of 50 MTD chlorosulphonic acid plant, oleum 65% plant for Hindustan Agro Chemicals Ltd Udaipur.

Resist salt and Metanillic plant erected and commissioned for Apurva Chemicals.

Different types of scrubber for So2, So3, Solvent, HCl gas, Chlorine etc. are designed and commissioned for various parties.

Design and erection of chlorine evaporator and cooling effect (chilling) used to cool the reactor cooling water.

Converted CPW batch process in to continuous process plant there by saving of lot of utilities and increasing the production by 60% in same plant.

Modification done in Epoxydised Soyabean plant and increased the production by 50%.

Designed and supplied So2 plant for export to Iraq for manufacturing of Sodium by sulphite plant.

Designed and commissioned So2 plant based on Sulphur sludge for production of Basic chrome sulphate plant of Solar Chemical Pvt. Ltd.

Design and commissioning of increasing capacity of sulphuric acids and liquid Sulphur tri-oxide plant for Aarti Industries Ltd.(Spack division)

Erecting and commissioning of H-Acid plant for Nipur Chemicals.

Sulphonation plant base on Sulphur burning is design and commissioned for Aarti Industries, Pithampure (Indore).

Energy conservation done for Makwell Plasticizer Pvt. Ltd.

Design and commissioned Gold refining plants.

Design and commissioned HCl gas generation plant.

Design and erected sulphonation plant with heat recovery system to generate steam, plant is ready for commissioning for Aarti Industries Ltd. (Surfactant division, Silvassa).

Modification suggested for increasing production of sulphuric acid and liquid Sulphur tri-oxide plant for Aarti Industries Ltd. (Spack division) is under implementation.

Name: Jignesh.R.Karakasia

Qualification: B.E. (Electrical)

Designation: Business Development Manager

Experience: 12 years of experience in process automation.

Previously worked with Yokogawa Engineering Middleast, Dubai as Sr. DCS Engineer.

Experienced in handling projects for process and utility automation and Knowledge of different communication protocols in the Automation industry. Providing onsite & offsite technical support in projects & technical & maintenance support to clients

Sound knowledge of working in Yokogawa DCS (Distributed Control System), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System and adept at establishing whole networking; developing required PLC logic and SCADA for distributed system.

Deft in handling customer relation operations & developing customized solutions to meet client’s requirements.

Adroit in engineering and implementation of Control System & Instrumentation packages and application software development for DCS, SCADA systems.

An effective communicator with excellent skills in building relationships. Possess strong analytical, problem solving and organisational abilities. A quick learner with Ability to work under pressure in time-sensitive, fast-paced environments

Result driven, Dependable & capable of working independently, oriented to accomplish capital preservation.

Key Projects Handled

  • EGTL Escravos Chevron Nigeria (Migration from CS3000 to Centum VP R6)
  • EGP Escravos Chevron Nigeria (Migration from CS3000 to Centum VP R6)
  • Warri Refinery Nigeria (Migration from Centum XL to Centum VP)
  • Zauliyah Gas Plant Petroleum Development of OMAN (Grassroots project Centum VP)
  • Emarat Terminal Automation System, Fujairah UAE
  • DIC Fine Chem, Bharuch Dahej
  • Finolex Power Plant 40 MW, Ratnagiri
  • MFL Power Plant 40 MW, Bharuch Dahej
  • IOCL Terminal Automation System, Chittorgarh
  • Erection & Commissioning of B.P.C.L. Skid Jobs