Spherical Cylindrical Mixing Reactor

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Spherical Cylindrical Mixing Reactor

Backed by our proficient technicians, we are offering precisely engineered Spherical Cylindrical Mixing Reactor, which is widely used for experimental purposes in various laboratories. This mixing reactor is a complex arrangement of various high quality components that are very carefully fabricated. The product is tested on various safety and quality parameters to ensure its effectiveness and flawlessness. We are providing this Spherical Cylindrical Mixing Reactor to our valued clients at reasonable price.

Spherical Cylindrical Mixing Reactor


  • High efficiency
  • Long irresistible life
  • Environment friendly

Spherical & Cylindrical Mixing Reactor


Mixing reactor systems represent a long-term evaluation of equipment and customer requirements. The mixing reactors are preferably used for wide applications in laboratory, pilot plant & for small-scale production. They reduce the need for investment in permanent installations & also reduce the pressure & temperature permanent installations & also reduce the pressure & temperature 304 & stainless steel 316. All structures are available in trolley-mounted form. losses resulting from plpelme Installation.

These reactors are available with spherical shape & in cylindrical shape. These reactors are also available in cylindrical jacketed form.

Material of construction

  • Stirrer Drive, non-flameproof or flameproof Motor, 192 RPMasdf.
  • Stirrer material of construction glass or PTFE Lined.
  • Stirrer shape glass impeller stirrer with PTFE blades, vortex stirrer, propeller stirrer & anchor stirrer.
  • Stirring assembly with bellow seal or with mechanical seal.
  • Supporting structure carbon steel, epoxy coated carbon steel, stainless steel 304 & stainless steel 316. All structures are available in trolley-mounted form.
  • Closing valve drain valve or flush bottom outlet valve.
Capacity Cylindrical Cat. Ref. Spherical Cat. Ref.
20 L SMR 20 SCMR 20
50 L SMR 50 SCMR 50
100 L SMR 100 SCMR 100
200 L SMR 200 SCMR 200
300 L SMR 300 SCMR 300
Reactor Capacity Jaketed Mixing Reactor Cat. Ref.
5 L SJMR 5
10 L SJMR 10
20 L SJMR 20
30 L SJMR 30
50 L SJMR 50
100 L SJMR 100

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