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Sulfuric Acid Dilution Plant

We are dedicatedly engaged in supplying Sulphuric Acid Dilution Plant to our clients. The offered product is made of high grade material and designed using latest tools & techniques. The offered dilution plant is highly demanded and applauded by our clients for its high efficiency, effective performance, long life and higher stability. We are the certified supplier of this quality assured Sulphuric Acid Dilution Plant in the market which is made available at leading market price.


  • Fully customizable
  • Easy to install
  • Corrosion resistant

The unit consists of a Dilution Chamber, followed by a Heat Exchanger. Dilution Chamber is used for diluting concentrated Sulphuric acid to the desired concentration and the Heat Exchanger is used for bringing down the temperature of dilute acid to desired temperature (When the concentrated acid mixes with water, large amounts of heat are released). The Heat Exchanger is of Shell and Tube type to dilute the acid.

Sulfuric Acid Dilution Plant

The acid should be added slowly to cold water to limit the buildup of heat. If water is added to the concentrated acid, enough heat can be released at once to boil the water and spatter the acid. Sulfuric acid reacts with water to form hydrates with distinct properties.

The system consists of

  • Dilution Chamber with accessories -Glass.
  • Heat Exchanger – Glass.
  • Glass Buffer as Receiver & Circulation of dilute acid (Optional).
  • Dilute Sulphuric acid Circulation Pump (Optional).
  • Glass Pipelines, Valves, & Fittings and Thermo well.
  • Non – Return Valve for Acid & Water Inlet.
  • Expansion Bellows In PTFE for all Nozzles of Glass Components.

Outstanding Features

  • Continuous method of producing the broad range of sulphuric acid grades (Dilute sulfuric acid from 98% to 10% ~ 15%)
  • The all Glass & PTFE construction of plant eliminates the material corrosion and allows this profitable operation to take place safely.
  • The unit can be offered vertical or horizontal as per site layout.
  • Compact design. The equipment is simple and easy to operate.
  • Control outlet acid temperature 6. Design temperature: 160 Deg C

Sulphuric acid is a heavy chemical and finds numerous applications in the industry. It is the product of contact process and commercially availabl as 98.5% (w/w) H2SO4 or stronger in the form of oleum. However, many of the processes and applications utilizing sulphuric acid require weaker acid than this. As a result, dilution equipment is often necessary in order to meet the requirement for this weaker acid.

However, many of the processes and applications utilizing sulphuric acid require weaker acid than this. As a result, dilution equipment is often necessary in order to meet the requirement for this weaker acid.

During dilution considerable heat is generated depending on the extent of dilution desired. The Integral heat of solution of sulphuric acid is plotted in fig.1. The heat liberated sometimes is sufficient to produce boiling of the acid and so, provision is made for the re-circulation of a portion of cooled dilute acid, thus ensuring working at controlled temperature.

From the above it will be clear that intimate mixing and efficient heat transfer form the pre-requisites for sulphuric acid dilution unit to avoid excessive temperature and local heating and uniform product concentration.

Process Description

Metered quantity of sulphuric acid is introduced to a heat exchanger with re-circulation of water through a pump from the tank containing pre-determinant quantity of water. The turbulence created in the heat exchanger ensures both intimate mixing and efficient heat transfer. When desired strength of acid is reached, the contents of the tank is transferred to storage and fresh batch can be started again.

System Benefits:

  • High product quality is guaranteed as glass is completely inert to sulphuric acid.
  • Available in wide range of concentrations and capacities.
  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • Operational reliability due to maintenance free in working.
  • Corrosion Resistant

Main Export Market(s)

Asia, Australia, Central America, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East, Africa

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