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Teaching Units / Test Rigs & Miniplants

Teaching units / Test Rigs are possible for various experiments to be performed in chemical engineering laboratories or R&D units pertaining to various processes like distillation, absorption, heat & mass transfer, decantation etc.

Teaching Unit / Test Rig for performance of Falling film and Packed towers with different packings for absorption process.

Teaching Unit Test Rig

Teaching Unit for studying Distillation / Distillation Test Rig.

Teaching Unit for studying Distillation

The unit is meant for Methanol-Water distillation. The plant is fitted with an electrically heated reboiler. Vapour generated in the reboiler rises through the column (Bubble cap type / Sieve tray type / Packed column type) and is condensed in a vertical water-cooled condenser.

Plant operation is controlled from a free-standing control panel consisting of flow controllers, temperature and pressure indicators and services controllers. All major process items and pipework are manufactured from BVR borosilicate glass with other contact parts in , PTFE and stainless steel.

Heat Exchanger Test Rig.

Heat Exchanger Test Rig

The unit is fitted with three heat exchangers namely Shell & Tube type, Shell & Coil Type & Plate Type, each of which can be studied separately. Each heat exchanger can be operated as either a steam condenser or liquid/liquid heat exchanger in counter or co-current flow. Temperature and pressure indicators are positioned in strategic locations to allow the heat exchangers to be monitored and basic heat transfer mechanisms to be studied. The operations can be controlled from a control panel fitted with various controllers. A diagram of the unit is also supplied and this ensures simple identification of valves and recording of plant variables.

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