Wiped Film Evaporators

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Wiped Film Evaporators

Wiped Film Evaporator is a Thin Film Evaporator and consists of a jacketed glass / SS / other corrosion resistant pipe section in which is rotating a corrosion resistant PTFE / SS / other corrosion resistant wiper system with suitable rows of blades supported by suitable bearings.

Wiped Film Evaporators

These give a high wiping frequency and therefore, an optimum renewal speed of the boundary layer, which are pre-requisites for thorough mixing of the liquid film and for high evaporation rates. The wipers are forced against the evaporator wall by centrifugal force, and this can be varied via the speed of rotation of the drive, depending on the viscosity of the liquid.

Inherent features of our Wiping Film Evaporators:

  • Made of corrosion resistant materials.
  • Lowest possible working temperatures possible.
  • Very low residence time.
  • Visual observation while using Borosilicate glass.
  • Low Hold-up.
  • Modular system for all glass components that permits flexible design and rapid assembly of the unit.
  • Digital control of motor speed.
  • High level of automation (optional)

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